The durable, breathable alternative to gypsum based plaster

Limelite is the lightweight, easy to work range of renovation plasters you can use without having to worry about damp, mould and trapped moisture.

Because they’re gypsum free, Limelite products work with the fabric of a building. Letting brick and masonry walls breathe and providing a high quality, long lasting finish that protects and performs for years to come.

Available from Tongue Lane

Limelite Renovating Plaster 

• Suitable for damp or flooded properties • Dries quicker so you can finish 

the job sooner 

• Contains fibres for reduced shrinkage and added strength 

• Lime content protects against mould • BBA approved when used with 

Limelite High Impact Finishing Plaster 

• Salt inhibitor controls surface efflorescence. 

Limelite High Impact Finishing Plaster 

• Perfect for busy areas where walls are subject to bumps and knocks 

• Water vapour permeable
• Suitable for use as part of a damp 

proof system 

• BBA approved when used with Limelite Renovating Plaster.